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Cold Weather Preparedness

​​Cold weather preparedness and operations is key to ensuring reliability and resiliency of the Bulk Power System, especially given the cold weather the ReliabilityFirst footprint experiences year after year.  Since 2014, ReliabilityFirst has strived to support generating facilities by identifying best practices as well as sharing lessons learned around cold weather preparedness.   

The following documents are meant to serve as a reference of various cold weather preparedness materials.  These documents include:

  • Cold weather training materials from sources across the ERO
  • ERO guidance and recommendations around cold weather preparedness
  • Lessons Learned from cold weather events
  • Reports from historical cold weather events  
Specific to ReliabilityFirst’s cold weather preparedness program, references include the surveys used to benchmark generating facilities’ current cold weather preparedness as well as the best practices and lessons learned that have been identified over the years.