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Regional Risk Assessment (RRA)

​The Regional Risk Assessment (RRA) identifies the key risks facing the ReliabilityFirst region. 

  • The RRA is performed annually, but is updated as needed as new and emerging threats and risks are identified, system events take place, and compliance monitoring activities are performed.

The 2017 ReliabilityFirst RRA has identified the following ReliabilityFirst Risk Elements, applicable for 2018:

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Extreme Physical Events
  • Maintenance and Management of BPS Assets
  • Monitoring and Situational Awareness
  • Protection System Failures
  • Event Response / Recovery
  • Planning and System Analysis
  • Human Performance
  • Cyber Security - Supply Chain Risk Management

Detailed information on the 2018 ReliabilityFirst Risk Elements, Justifications and associated Standards and Requirements are documented in the Appendix A4 – ReliabilityFirst Corporation (ReliabilityFirst) 2018 CMEP Implementation Plan included in the 2018 ERO CMEP Implementation Plan available on the NERC Website.