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Coordinated Functional Registrations

In addition to registering as an entity responsible for all functions that it performs itself, multiple entities may enter into a Coordinated Functional Registration (CFR) agreement for one or more Reliability Standard(s) and/or Requirements/Sub-Requirements applicable to a specific function. 

  • The CFR submission must include a written agreement that governs itself and clearly delineates the entities' respective compliance responsibilities for each Registered Entity that is party to the CFR agreement.
  • All parties to a CFR agreement must be registered for the same specific function for which the CFR agreement has been created.
  • Under a CFR agreement, each entity shall take full compliance responsibility for those Reliability Standards and/or Requirements/Sub-Requirements it has registered for in the CFR. Parties to a CFR divide their compliance responsibilities for NERC Standard(s) and/or requirements related to a particular function.
  • Registered Entities wishing to enter into a CFR must submit the CFR through the NERC CFR Portal in CORES for review and verification that the agreement provides for the proper assignment of responsibilities consistent with the CFR.