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Align Project Update

Development and Training Update

The ERO Project Team is continuing to develop and test Release 1 of the Align Tool. Current work includes addressing must-have features identified during the May 2019 User Acceptance Testing by Regional Entity Staff. With this in mind, the development and testing phases of the project will require a 6-8 week extension that will consume most of the original training window scheduled for July, August, and early September. As a result, Regional Staff and Registered Entity training sessions will be rescheduled after September 15, 2019. ReliabilityFirst will continue to work closely with the ERO Project Team, and provide updates to our stakeholders on a revised schedule and registrations for both the Regional Staff and Registered Entity Align training sessions.

Deployment Update

Due to the shift in dates for the development and training phases, the ERO Project Team and Steering Committee are considering a staged approach to the Align Tool Release 1 deployment. The approach would target the end of September for the first go-live with one or two Regions and have the remaining Regions live by the end of October. The Project Team and leadership are considering this option, but have not made any definitive decisions. The Steering Committee is convening in mid-July to further discuss and evaluate deployment options, and select an approach that ensures a successful launch. We will provide an update following the Steering Committee meeting. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact ReliabilityFirst Align Project Change Agent, Ray Sefchik.