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Transmission Performance Subcommittee

​The Transmission Performance Subcommittee (TPS) serves as an advisory body for transmission reliability related activities of ReliabilityFirst. 

  • The TPS also provides a forum to discuss transmission issues associated with the reliability of the Bulk Power System.
  • The TPS is responsible to develop the parameters and objectives to guide ReliabilityFirst's assessment of the future transmission performance of the region and for the production of regional transmission reliability assessments.
  • This Subcommittee also provides the opportunity to share lessons learned, and discuss success stories and near-misses in a technical forum
  • Representatives to this subcommittee typically have a transmission planning background and responsibilities.
  • FERC Orders 888, 889, and 2004 code of conduct apply to TPS proceedings; therefore, representatives from the Supplier sector are not be permitted to participate in this Subcommittee's proceedings.

If you have any questions please visit our Contact Us page and direct your question to the Reliability Committee.