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NERC, ERO Further Extend Expanded Self-Logging and On-site Activity Deferment

On October 27, 2020, the ERO released guidance that it is further extending expanded self-logging and on-site activity deferment until the end of Q1 2021. For additional guidance on the expanded self-logging process, please click here for our prior announcement. The expanded self-logging process was created to lighten the administrative burden of entities for noncompliances posing only a minimal or moderate risk and resulting from impacts related to COVID-19.

Thank you for your dedication to ensuring the health and safety of your employees and communities, as well as the continued reliability and security of the ReliabilityFirst Region.

If you have other questions or concerns regarding the coronavirus outbreak that are not related to this regulatory discretion, please use the Contact Us page. Choose “COVID-19" as the Area and “Updates - COVID-19" as the Topic.