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RF, SERC, and WECC to Issue Joint Report on CIP Themes

To combat the ever changing physical and cyber-threats landscape, entities continue to improve their tools, expertise, and defense strategies. Yet, despite these efforts to stay ahead of security threats, entities are sometimes held back by deficiencies or limitations in their corporate structure, culture, or resources.

In 2014, RF, in coordination with NERC and several stakeholders, began analyzing data around potential themes in these deficiencies and limitations and released its findings in early 2015 in the first edition of the CIP themes report. Now, RF, SERC, and WECC have been working together to analyze the data in the three Regions around potential themes. The Regions handle large volumes of noncompliance and their territories cover a large part of the United States and parts of Canada and Mexico. This collaboration has helped identify new areas for improvement and potential resolutions to some of the deficiencies and allowed for validation of the data in each Region.

RF, SERC, and WECC, in coordination with NERC and several stakeholders from the three Regions, plan to issue a joint report in early 2018 in order to help drive entities to continue to assess and strengthen their CIP programs and thus mitigate security risks.