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RF Issues Winter Readiness Best Practices/Lessons Learned

RF has developed a collaborative process to look at winter readiness across our Region and share Best Practices and Lessons Learned across the ERO.  We use risk-based criteria to select entities to participate in the winter preparation process. Survey responses are evaluated and any additional requests for information (RFIs) are developed, as needed, to gain a better understanding of an entity's level of cold weather readiness and mitigation of previous cold weather related issues.

If a generating facility is selected for an onsite visit, items for discussion and spot check are listed on the meeting agenda, which allows the entity to collect the necessary information and arrange for SME participation. Any Best Practices and Lessons Learned observed during the site visit are reviewed and discussed with the plant staff.

RF recently issued a revised Best Practices/Lessons Learned presentation. This presentation encompasses not only items identified during the recent winter preparation process, but areas from previous plant visits and those recognized by other Regions. As you will see in the Best Practices/Lessons Learned, although the occurrence of frozen critical transmitters appears to be lessening, freezing and/or icing of combustion turbine inlet air filters appears to be a continual problem causing trips or de-rates.