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Incident Response Preparedness Assessment (IRPA)
Do you have questions on information technology (IT) and preparedness? Or do you have a robust IT​ ​system in place but are unsure of its ability to protect against the latest internet attacks?

The RF Entity Engagement Incident Response Preparedness Assessment (IRPA) can help evaluate readiness, preparedness, and robustness. You can register for the IRPA system with a username and password and access a series of wide-ranging, hypothetical, internet service threats. Read the threat descriptions and submit your answers in the secured software to learn how well-prepared and resistant your IT systems and infrastructure may be to the latest threats.

Following the self-guided, automatically-generated assessment, work with the Entity Engagement Department's Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) subject matter experts to review and evaluate your results and plan necessary upgrades and updates. Understanding and directly confronting internet threats will ensure information system operations remain safe and secure.

To submit questions or a request access to the IRPA software, please visit the Contact Us​ page and direct the request or questi​on(s) to the Entity Engagement Department.