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The ReliabilityFirst Entity Engagement Department offers several types of complementary evaluations for registered entities. Evaluations may include examining controls processes and procedures in the areas of Operations-and-Planning (O&P) or Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). Participation is voluntary and may include remote, off-site or on-site meetings, and information exchange. 

Evaluation of Operating Controls
An Evaluation of Operational Controls focuses on compliance oversight. It examines an your operating controls in respect to the Reliability Standards with the goal of protecting against threats to reliability and security.

We can conduct an Evaluation of Operating Controls to:
  • Addresses your specific controls used to comply with a particular Standard
  • Identify and subvert risks over the short-time  
  • Help you confront internal challenges or unknown threats in times of transition  

Risk Evaluation
A Risk Evaluation identifies risks (e.g. ERO or organization-specific risks). A Risk Evaluation is typically more in-depth than an Evaluation of Operating Controls.

Consider a Risk Evaluation if:
  • You want to look at broad issues regarding threats beyond the NERC Standards over a medium-term ​
  • You have an existing internal controls program focused on particular Standards and want to begin examining threats around broad risk areas​

Maturity Model Evaluation
During a Maturity Model Evaluation, ReliabilityFirst subject matter experts will evaluate your management practices to help you achieve continuous improvement and operational excellence goals.

Talk to us about a Maturity Model Evaluation if you are interested in:
  • Focusing on operational management practices and efforts to increase efficiency and optimization
  • Identifying and mitigating future long-term threats by anticipating risks and creating processes to drive continuous improvement
  • Aligning different business units within your entity​

To request any of the Evaluations that ReliabilityFirst offers, please visit the Contact Us​ page and direct the question(s) to the Entity Engagement Department.​




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