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Transmission Protection Subcommittee

Front row: Karie Barczak (DTE), Leslie Krawcyzk (RF Staff), Second row: Michael Lombardi (NPCC Staff), Hung Huynh (Nova Scotia Power), Kevin Depugh (NYISO), Jeff Gindling (Duke), Mark Stevens (National Grid), Caleb Kim (Exelon), Third row: Brett Riedl (ComEd), Hamid Mamadani (Hydro One), Ray Mason (RF Staff), Neeraj Lal (NPCC Staff), Glenn Catenacci (PSE&G), George Fatu (IESO), Alex Rost (ISONE), Last row, Scott Goodwin (MISO) Ryan Ramcharan (Con Edison), Dave Conroy (Central Maine Power), Carl Benker (Eversource).


On September 18, 2018, select members of the TPS met with their transmission counterparts (the Task Force System Studies) from the NPCC region in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A few of the topics discussed during this meeting were grid resiliency, distributed energy resources, and variable generation resources.

The TPS more recently met in Newark, NJ on October 23-24. During this meeting, the TPS reviewed results fromvarious transmission studies performed by ReliabilityFirst staff. PJM and MISO presented their analysis of the upcoming 2018-19 winter season. Also, there was a presentation given by PJM on a method for preforming a probabilistic cascading analysis. finally, a discussion about how to model Geomagnetic Disturbances (GMD) was discussed.

In addition to monthly conference calls, the next face-to-face TPS meeting is scheduled for the week of May 6 and will include a joint meeting with the RF Protection Subcommittee.