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Summary of Reliability Legislation - 20050808.pdfSummary of Reliability Legislation - 20050808
HR6 Electricity Title.pdfHR6 Electricity Title
NERC Penalties Sanctions.pdfNERC Penalties Sanctions
Final Rule Reliability Order 672.pdfFinal Rule Reliability Order 672
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 About ReliabilityFirst


The electric grid is the backbone of our economy, is critical for our national security and necessary to support our public welfare. In fact, a reliable and secure electric grid is fundamental to our most basic daily routines and needs.


Our mission is to ensure that this cornerstone to our national well-being is reliable and secure -- not only for today but also for tomorrow. To achieve this mission, we bring together a diverse and broad spectrum of experts from across the nation with various professional, technical, and industry backgrounds. Our team includes electrical engineers, computer engineers and cyber security experts, statisticians and risk experts, attorneys and regulatory experts, systems engineers, professional auditors, organizational design experts, and professional trainers.


Our team identifies and prioritizes risks facing our electric grid; determines sustainable mitigation strategies to address these identified risks; and develops and deploys communication and outreach strategies to drive awareness and further ensure risk resolution.


Our team partners with the best and brightest individuals from both the power industry and the federal government to understand and address the complex and evolving challenges facing the electric grid and its security. These key partnerships make our work more informed, pragmatic, responsive, and impactful.


We are one of only eight companies across North America that are responsible for this vital work under Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved delegation agreements with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation. Specifically, our company is responsible for the reliability and security of the electric grid in the Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic areas of the United States, which includes all or portions of Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, and the District of Columbia.


And we are proud to call Cleveland, Ohio our home.





RF Organization Management.pdfRF Organization Management
RF Strategic Plan 2013-2017.pdfRF Strategic Plan 2013-2017
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 Governance Documents

Finance and  Audit Committee Charter.pdfFinance and Audit Committee Charter
Nominating and Governance Committee Charter.pdfNominating and Governance Committee Charter
Compliance Committee Charter.pdfCompliance Committee Charter
Compensation Committee Charter.pdfCompensation Committee Charter
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 Business Plan and Budget

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2017 Business Plan and Budget.pdf2017 Business Plan and Budget
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2016 ReliabilityFirst Business Plan and Budget.pdf2016 ReliabilityFirst Business Plan and Budget
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2015 ReliabilityFirst Business Plan and Budget.pdf2015 ReliabilityFirst Business Plan and Budget