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​The web-based BESnet is a work‐flow based ERO Enterprise application for the secure submittal of Self-Determined BES Notifications (Notifications) and BES Exception Requests. NERC and the Regional Entities will be reviewing all submitted Notifications of Self Determination and processing Exception Requests solely through the BESnet application.

ERO Enterprise Program Alignment Process / Consistency Reporting Tool
The ERO Enterprise Program Alignment Process / Consistency Reporting Toolis a web-based application that will be used to create an open channel of communication for relevant industry stakeholders to report any perceived inconsistencies between two or more Regional Entities or perceived inconsistencies with applicable published processes, procedures, or rules. Once reports are made, representatives from the primary Region are assigned to the report. They will review the identified issues and address any actual inconsistencies. For more information, visit the website listed above.

​The Extranet provides an efficient method for ReliabilityFirst to securely collaborate and exchange information with Registered Entities and other business-related Working Groups and/or Partners.


​webCDMS is a web-based Compliance Data Management Data System that assists entities in documenting and submitting NERC and Regional compliance information. The system allows entities not only to report compliance through the discovery methods defined in the CMEP, but also to track any alleged violation through completion.