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Compliance Audit

Auditing is one of the primary tools used by ReliabilityFirst to monitor compliance and ensure Bulk Power System reliability. 

  • Audits for larger entities are conducted on-site at the entity's location.  Smaller entity audits may be conducted off-site using the information provided by the entity.
  • ReliabilityFirst auditors abide by the NERC Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest provisions, respect confidentiality, and have completed NERC auditor training.
  • Please refer to the ReliabilityFirst Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program for additional information on ReliabilityFirst's audit process and audit reports. 

ReliabilityFirst uses MKInsight to securely collaborate and exchange information with entities during Compliance Audits and Guided Self-Certifications. Refer to the Tools and Portals page for more information on using MKInsight.

f you have any questions, please visit our Contact Us page and direct your question to the Compliance group.




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