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Periodic Data Submittal

​Registered Entities must provide Periodic Data Submittals in accordance with the ReliabilityFirst Compliance Monitoring Schedule. Periodic Data Submittals may also be required on an as-needed basis to determine compliance.

  • Periodic Data submittal forms are available for download and submittal through webCDMS.
  • ReliabilityFirst issues an annual Compliance Monitoring Schedule that provides a schedule for Periodic Data Submittals and their due dates.
  • ReliabilityFirst also publishes a monthly Compliance Program Update Letter, which lists all of the upcoming compliance submittals due in the current and following month of the compliance year.
  • These schedules and monthly update letters are located at the bottom of the Compliance Monitoring page.

If you have any questions regarding Periodic Data Submittals, please visit our Contact Us page and direct your question to the Compliance group.



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