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Event Reporting

​​Disturbance Reporting

DOE Form OE-417, "Emergency Incident and Disturbance Report"

The Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE) uses Form OE-417, “Emergency Incident and Disturbance Report,” to monitor major system incidents on electric power systems. Tracking disturbances that impact the integrated generating and transmission facilities is an important Federal task along with examining issues associated with insufficient capacity reserves. The form collects information on electric emergency incidents and disturbances for DOE’s use in fulfilling its overall national security and other energy management responsibilities.

Instructions - DOE Form OE-417 Instructions

Form - DOE Form OE-417

Please submit a copy by email, of your completed Form OE-417, “Emergency Incident and Disturbance Report,” to

If you are unable to email the form, please call our office directly during normal business hours at (216) 503-0600. After normal business hours please call our emergency number (216) 503-0646.

NERC Reliability Standard EOP-004, "Event Reporting"

Information on the reporting thresholds, the reporting form, and instructions for the NERC Event Reporting are included as an attachment to NERC standard EOP-004. This standard can be accessed on the NERC website from the Standards dropdown menu. Use the "Reliability Standards" link to access the "Emergency Preparedness and Operations" Standards. Please remember to submit a copy of any NERC Event report to ReliabilityFirst Corporation at