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Align Project

​​​Align is an ERO Enterprise common platform developed to support compliance monitoring and enforcement (CMEP) activities and business processes. The tool provides a standardized and consistent interface for Registered Entities conducting CMEP activities. The Align rollout consists of three releases with full implementation by the end of 2021.

All Registered Entities seeking to access Align must register for an ERO Portal account and complete the steps for Multi-Factor Authentication that automatically appear when attempting to log into the ERO Portal for the first time.

Align Rollout

The rollout of Align Release 1 will be staggered with Registered Entities in the MRO and Texas RE Regions piloting the Align tool and ERO Secure Evidence Locker (SEL) starting on March 31, 2021. The remaining Regions, including RF, will rollout R1 starting on May 24.

Each release will introduce new functionality to the platform.

Release 1 Functionality

  • Create and submit Self-Reports and Self-Logs
  • Create and manage mitigating activities and Mitigation Plans
  • Generate a report of Standards and Requirements applicable to your entity
  • Receive notifications and view dashboards on new/open action items
  • Manage user access for your specific entity
  • Receive and respond to Requests for Information
  • View and track Open Enforcement Actions

Release 2 Functionality

  • Technical Feasibility Exceptions (TFEs)
  • Periodic Data Submittals
  • Self-Certifications
  • Additional enhancements identified from Align Release 1 as needed
  • Expand use of SELs to include evidence submitted for these activities

Release 3 Functionality

  • Compliance Planning (i.e., Risk, CMEP Implementation Plan, Inherent Risk Assessment, Compliance Oversight Plan)
  • Compliance Audit
  • Spot Check
  • Compliance Investigations
  • Complaints
  • Additional enhancements identified from Align releases as needed
  • Expand use of SELs to include evidence submitted for these activities

RF Registered Entity Align and ERO SEL Training

RF is excited to offer our stakeholders a demonstration and basic training on the new Align and ERO SEL systems. We are offering five options for schedule flexibility, and each session is a three-hour WebEx meeting.

Primary and Alternate Compliance Contacts should select one session to attend, as each session will include identical content and information. Please Note: RF is limiting each session to 50 Registered Entities to make these sessions manageable, and have necessary time for questions and answers. If your first choice of a session is full, please choose one of the other options. RF also is considering adding future training sessions based on need and requests from the industry.

Registered Entity Align and ERO SEL Training ​ ​
​Date​Time​Registration Link
    ​Tuesday, April 20​        9:00 am - NoonRegister Here​
​    Wednesday, April 28​        1:00 pm - 4:00 pmRegister Here​
​    Tuesday, May 4        ​9:00 am - NoonRegister Here
    Wednesday, May 12​​        9:00 am - NoonRegister Here
    Tuesday, May 18​​        1:00 pm - 4:00 pmRegister Here​
*WebEx information will be sent closer to the event.​  All times are Eastern Standard Time Zone.

Each three-hour session will cover the following content and learning objectives (subject to change):

    • Verify Systems Access
        • ERO Portal Account – Access, Use of Multi-factor Authentication
        • Align System Access
        • PCC Administration of Registered Entity Users
    • Align System Release 1 Functionality
        • Orientation to the Align system dashboard
        • Demonstration of submitting and tracking a Self-Report
        • Demonstration of submitting and tracking Mitigation Activities and Plans
        • Demonstration on how to view and track Open Enforcement Actions
    • ERO SEL Functionality
        • ERO SEL Access
        • Orientation to the SEL Web-based Interface
        • Demonstration of submitting Evidence to the SEL
        • Demonstration of use and validation of unique Evidence Reference IDs
        • Information on Evidence file types and size

­­­­­Secure Evidence Locker

The ERO Secure Evidence Locker (SEL) is a highly secure, isolated, encrypted environment that is subject to file destruction policies and serves as a temporary repository to upload evidence. Organizations may use the ERO provided SEL environment or develop their own. If your organization is planning to build an SEL, please inform your Change Agent.

Registered Entity SEL Resources

Additional Align Resources​

For more information, please visit the Align page and Align FAQs. ​