Protection Subcommittee

The Protection Subcommittee serves as an advisory body that identifies generator and transmission protective relay and control issues while actively working to review and mitigate protection system Misoperations. This subcommittee:

  • Provides a forum to discuss generation and transmission protection related issues, lessons learned, and best practices.
  • Conducts peer reviews of Misoperations reported via the NERC MIDAS (Misoperation Information Data Analysis System).
  • Provides input and feedback into an evaluation of risks represented in the ReliabilityFirst Regional Risk Assessment.
  • Consists of registered entity staff who have generation and/or transmission protection backgrounds and responsibilities.

The Protection Subcommittee reports to the Reliability Committee. If you have any questions please visit our Contact Us page and direct your question to the Reliability Committee.



📄Protection Subcommittee Procedural Manual