Transmission Performance Subcommittee

The Transmission Performance Subcommittee (TPS) serves as an advisory body for transmission reliability related activities of ReliabilityFirst. This subcommittee:

  • Discusses transmission planning, modeling, and/or performance issues associated with the reliability of the Bulk Power System.
  • Develops the objectives, parameters, and provides feedback that guides various ReliabilityFirst planning assessments intended to evaluate future transmission performance.
  • Reviews transmission outages reported via NERC TADS (Transmission Availability Data System).
  • Provides input and feedback into an evaluation of risks represented in the ReliabilityFirst Regional Risk Assessment.
  • Consists of registered entity staff who typically have a transmission planning or system operations background and responsibilities.
  • Adheres to FERC Orders 888, 889, and 2004 code of conduct, therefore, representatives from the Supplier sector are not be permitted to participate in TPS proceedings.

The TPS reports to the Reliability Committee. If you have any questions please visit our Contact Us page and direct your question to the Reliability Committee.



📄TPS Manual