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Extreme cold weather can cause higher-than-anticipated demand, overloading, and stress failure of Bulk Power System equipment, increased reliance on interdependent critical infrastructures, and degradation of energy availability via resource mechanical failure or fuel supply interruption. Similarly, ice storms can directly threaten Bulk Power System equipment. The impacts from these storms, combined with high winds, include infrastructure damage as well as limited personal access and communication capabilities.

Reliability Standards EOP-011 and EOP-12 address emergency preparedness and operations, and extreme cold weather preparedness and operations, respectively. ReliabilityFirst subject matter experts provide complimentary consulting services capable of assessing cold weather winterization plans, precautions, practices, and training. To request an Assist Visit focused on plant winterization, please complete the Assist Visit request form below. If you have any questions, please visit our Contact Us page and direct your question to the Entity Engagement group.

Snow covered power plant

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