Membership information and resources for current members

Become a member!

Membership in ReliabilityFirst is voluntary and without cost. We encourage registered entities in the ReliabilityFirst region to consider becoming a member. By joining one of our sectors you can gain voting privileges for ReliabilityFirst board members. We keep all our members informed of relevant elections, board meetings and our Annual Meeting of Members.

These benefits are in addition to existing opportunities to:

  • Participate in committees, subcommittees, and working groups with ReliabilityFirst and peers to share best practices and lessons learned
  • Receive valuable training, workshops, newsletters, and other outreach

For additional information on ReliabilityFirst membership and how to apply, see the membership application forms below.​

Resources for current members

Our members are responsible for electing their sector representatives and ReliabilityFirst at-large and independent directors. They also vote on other important matters for the corporation, such as changes to ReliabilityFirst corporation bylaws. See relevant meeting and election materials at the bottom of this page and the lists of current members. Please use the form on our Contact Us page if you have any questions about membership or to revise or update your information.