Reliability Committee

Contribute technical expertise for grid reliability

The Reliability Committee serves as an advisory body comprised of registered entity technical staff designed to discuss emergent risks, regulatory initiatives, and reliability challenges with the purpose to drive improvement efforts. Here’s how the committee fits into the ReliabilityFirst organizational structure:

  • Reports to the ReliabilityFirst Board of Directors
  • Serves as the designated Pre-Qualified Organization pursuant to the NERC Compliance Guidance Policy, for Operations and Planning related issues
  • Provides members a valuable forum in which to discuss and learn about present and emerging technical issues associated with the reliability of the Bulk Power System
  • Provides input and feedback into the categories and priority of risks represented in the ReliabilityFirst Regional Risk Assessment
  • Includes representatives who typically have a background in planning, protection, maintenance, or operations

The Protection SubcommitteeTransmission Performance Subcommittee, and Generator Subcommittee all report to the Reliability Committee. For information related to those groups, please visit those individual pages. If you have any questions related to the Reliability Committee or its three subcommittees, please visit our Contact Us page and direct your question to the Reliability Committee.