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Risk Analysis & Mitigation

​The Risk Analysis and Mitigation (RAM) department is ReliabilityFirst's center for risk analysis, data analytics, and forecasting. The department performs the following activities:

  • Conducts the annual ReliabilityFirst Regional Risk Assessment to understand the risks facing the ReliabilityFirst region, and performs Inherent Risk Assessments to understand the risks facing individual entities.
  • Performs risk-harm assessments to quantify the risk and potential harm posed by potential violations of the Reliability Standards, and reviews, accepts, and verifies the completion of mitigation plans submitted by entities.
  • Performs data analysis and analytics integral to risk analysis and the cross-functional needs of the various departments at ReliabilityFirst.
  • Conducts Generation Plant site visits to assess registered entity cold-weather preparedness.
  • Provides CIP and O&P subject matter expertise to industry (e.g., assist visits, workshops, outreach) and internally (e.g., Enforcement, Compliance, Entity Development) to drive efforts supporting BPS reliability, security, and resiliency.
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For any questions regarding ReliabilityFirst’s RAM activities, please visit our Contact Us page and direct your question to the RAM group.